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Looking for some uplifting events with special location? Schloss Fall offers many different concerts and theater performances.

All guests have a unique opportunity to visit the castle halls and the castle restaurant before and after the events.

Pre-booking a table to the restaurant is recommended*



Different concerts are held in Keila-Joa castle. Most concerts are with classical music but from time to time we have some other concerts as well.


Addition to the rich castle history we have many different seasonal exhibitions. To see what kind of seasonal exhibition is available now, please see on our webpage. 


Exhibition is open until 30.06.2024
Visiting time THU-SUN at 11.00-18.00
* Please note that if there is a private event taking place, then it is not possible to visit the exhibition

Christian Dior

"The Elegancy of Dior Women"

Seven decades have passed since the launch of Christian Dior‘s first collection dubbed as „New Look“ by Carmel Snow, the former editor-in-chief of the American edition of „Harper's Bazaar. The public called this collection  "Dior’s Bomb. " Not many fashion brands, or more precisely, almost none, have managed to become a "classic fashion".


The first exhibition of the unforgettable creations of the House of Christian Dior collected by the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation opened at Schloss Fall Castle, Estonia. 

The magic of the word  "Dior" has made this House synonymous with elegance of the highest order. Dior was a dictator of taste, a "tyrant of pins" as his contemporaries called him.

Christian Dior was born on January 21, 1905 in Granville into the family of an industrialist. Since childhood he idolized his mother, an elegant „Belle Époque“ enchantress who played a huge role in the development of the talent of the future couturier. In his youth, Dior studied political science, traveled and loved museums. His new surroundings, the Parisian bohemia of the 1920s captivated the young man, who to his parent‘s displeasure chose art over a diplomat career.



Luigi Cillo

"Spiritual Emotions On Nature"

Luigi Cillo and his work are significant in Veneto painting art not only because of the artist’s diverse choice of techniques, but also his expressiveness and poetic nature. In his works you can see terracotta, ceramics, bronze sculptures, concrete, fresco, tempera,

watercolours ‒ various techniques and materials that represent the many ways to express something universal and eternal.


Terracotta is the material to which Cillo chooses to entrust much of his creative flair and inner searching. This is clearly demonstrated by the story depicted on the work called The Way of the Cross in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Conegliano (Via Crucis), which meanders like a long ribbon along the wall leading to the baptismal bath. Finally, returning to painting, he provides us with a moving surprise: a large mural in the San Giuseppe church in Costa di Vittorio Veneto from 1997. The work is called The Way of Humanity (Il Cammino della Umanita) ‒ a gouache painting on plaster,where colour becomes light and transparency, an ineffable mystery of the artist's religious spirit.


Upcoming Events

  • Fashion & Flowers
    Fashion & Flowers
    R, 29. märts
    29. märts 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
    Keila-Joa, Pargi alle 5, Keila-Joa, 76701 Harju maakond, Estonia
    Kutsume teid loomingulisele kohtumisele moeajaloolase ja kollektsionääri Aleksandr Vasiljeviga! Keila-Joa lossis Schloss Fall toimuva näituse “Elegance by Dior” raames räägib Alexander lillede keelest moes ja nende mõjust kõrgmoele !

Past Events

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