Looking for some uplifting events with special location? Schloss Fall offers many different concerts and theater performances.

All guests have a unique opportunity to visit the castle halls and the castle restaurant before and after the events.

Pre-booking a table to the restaurant is recommended*

events at Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall

10.12.2022 at 17.00

Salon d'Opera concert "Journey to Europe"

Spend a musical evening in the romantic Keila-Joa castle accompanied by beautiful opera and operetta melodies.

Performers: soprano Ille Saar, accompanied by pianist Pille Saar.

events at Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall

28.12.2022 at 19.00

Top Estonian pianist Johan Randvere and the tinkling keys

A great opportunity to let yourself be blown away by Estonia's top pianist Johan Randvere, who will take us on a fascinating musical journey.

events at Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall

17.12.2022 at 18.00

Concert "Moonlight"

Timeless William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Goethe's "Faust", Petrarch's sonnets and other great works of literature presented in the evening have been a kind of form of meditation for composers who have found an inspiring spark in passionate but painful texts.

Bright and emotional violinist Mari-Liis Uibo and internationally acclaimed piano virtuoso Maksim Štšura. Egle Adams performs poetry and lyrics between music pieces.

events at Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall

06.01.2023 at 19.00

Corelli Music "Church Holidays in Maarjamaa"

"Aristocratic Chopin"
Ralf Taal (piano)

You can enjoy the wonderful and romantic music of piano wizard Frédéric Chopin - preludes, nocturnes, waltzes, etc.

events at Keila-Joa castle Schloss Fall

08.01.2023 at 17.00

Orthodox Singers concert "Christmas in the Manor"

The concert program includes music from Orthodox monasteries and beautiful Christmas prayer songs. The ensemble performs Old Russian, Greek, as well as very rare 4th century Syrian Christmas music performed in Aramaic (the language of Jesus Christ). Also, at the concert you can listen to spiritual works of contemporary, including Estonian, composers and Christmas folk songs.